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Nothing to say
For the last 4 years we have talked everyday, i shared with him every single thing that ever happened with me. I shared my fears, hopes , dreams and love. we chatted, laughed and sarcastically dealt with some issues. Today after a 4 year relationship, i call and silently think that i have nothing to say, the words are flying out of my mouth with no meanings. This creeps me, after everything we ever went through, how can i have nothing to say? nothing to share?

Am confused?! why dont i have nothing to say ??? why ?!!
Can love disappear after 4 years of passion and true love??? how can this happen..??
Maybe i have nothing to say, coz what i really want to say is " move on with ur life, i have nothing to say or do with it" !! ????? yet when i look at his eyes, i feel love?!!!

Am confused??!! why dont i have nothing to say


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