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Quest to Happiness ?!!!
Man’s quest in life is to find happiness. But if my happiness lies in my boyfriend or a (thing) and if I ever lost my boyfriend then ill be unhappy and this is never my intention. But, god’s (someone whose above all) intention is to make us happy and thus, our happiness should be in something perfect something that is above all time, space and dimension. You can call him God, Jesus, or who ever. But this someone should be infinite, if he was like you and me then he’ll put u or me in greave ones he’s gone.
However, if let’s say that our happiness must lay in someone “ a living being “ wether human or animal or an act or something to achieve or maybe just an object. Then we humans are very funny, we are so lazy to reach happiness, for instance if someone’s happiness is in him/her losing weight (2nd risk factor for death in the world) however these people don’t even try to lose weight. If my happiness is in me loosing weight and if am certain of that fact then why don’t I do effort into presuding my happiness!!,,
we are humble beings, we do find happiness in little things such as when we see a flower (or varies according to each human).
however, these things are short term happiness... what we aim for is long term happiness.. something that will always be there and is never gone...

This instinctive quest for finding happiness is what make's us go through all the shit we go through everyday.. so i sit in class for 2 hrs listing to some aliened material just to fulfill my over all dream in graduating which will make me happy... and if u sit and think you will find millions and billions of reasons on why we bare with whats around us everyday !!!!


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