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Crazy Crazy Summer
This summer is a hard summer for me, am having a having a hard time because of my early classes and excesive homeworks !! 
and with all this going am trying to change my life and twist it upside down !!! 
and with all of that my boyfriend is in town and i have to see him and enjoy our evenings together ..  i shall laugh talk nd enjoy every second of being with him ... to be honest iam enjoying, however my mind is always bzy in my exams and projects.. 
and fitting GYM into my scedual is the hardest thing ever !!! 
so my crazy crazy summer !! 
however am loving this tension .... am enjoying my evenings with the one i love..  i look into his eyes and forget the pain and the projects!! " even thou i remember it again when i look away " hehe.. its funny how life is
i kept missing my boyfriend and when he came it became hard 1! for me :*( 

Sweet Crazy Summer :)


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