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i smile, i dance, i move and i feel just perfect. Just when i look at the mirror, i see someone else. Someone whose tired, big and upset with life. i just don't know who that person is. Its one thing to be over weight, one have to struggle with it, and its another thing when people around you treat you differently just because you are"over weight". Yesterday, In my friends wedding i was sitting and i asked someone to take a photo for me, and that someone took my camera stood as far as i wanted her to and simply zoomed in to my face to snap the shot. Its crazy what people do!!.
I have to bare with this shit!!, and its funny cause when i look at obese people i feel disgusted, and i'd ask my self, why don't they go gym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its hard to change your life and its hard to feel that you are trapped in your own self, the key for your freedom lies in your hand and your just too tired or too stupid to unlock and free yourself.
i truly know what i want. i want to be free, i want to let go and move on in my life, i want to experience life normally in a normal appearance. i know exactly what would make me happy yet!!! i don't even work 1 second on achieving that thing!!!! ......
isn't it funny???, when you as a person know the answer, the solution, that would set you free and relief you, yet somehow you do nothing !! you stand and watch your life moving second by second.


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