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so , yesterday i woke up a bit late to skool , i ran out of bed , got dressed up as fast as i can.. my room mate dressed up as  fast as she could too.... by the time we arrived to the class we where 30 mins late.. so my room mate was really pissed from me :S as if am the one who made her wake up late .. am really angry ... am i suppose to say sorry or something i kept on thinking in the class. we had an exam.. and i swear all i could think abt is how my roommate is so angry from and FOR NO REASON :s .... " i believe so " .. it took me abt 2 hrs to start focusing on my 8 hr exam !!!!!!! 

and during my exam , my face SPOKE that i was angry !!!! she noticed and kept coming to me, telling me not to worry ill be done soon ... and what bothered me more is that she studied for all the exam the day before but i didnt have any time to do so !!!! and yet she was the angry one !!!! soon she was done and waasnt mad any more ~~~~!!!! 

am really angry !! i mean she didnt even think that am angry... she just blamed me for her lateness!!! 


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